About Us

Hello! Welcome to Pili Pala, a fabulous range of Welsh Language Greeting Cards, that’s been taking the UK (well the Welsh bit at least!) by storm.

Pili Pala is welsh for Butterfly. A butterfly is nature’s confetti, bringing joy to everyone who sees one. Likewise, a Pili Pala card will bring joy to anyone who receives one.

Our parent company is Davora Ltd, who specialise in greeting cards for all the niche occasions that other publishers find hard to reach. We launched the Pili Pala brand in 2015 with just 30 designs. The range was a big hit, and we’ve now expanded to over 100 designs!

Pili Pala cards can be bought in many High Street independent card shops around Wales, as well as some big names like Clintons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Of course you can also buy direct right here from our website too!

All our cards are written in Welsh, with English translations on the reverse. We use glitter, foil and emboss finishes to give our cards a lovely wow factor.

For all trade enquiries please visit www.davora.cards.